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Welcome to our new attorney blog page. This area is intended to be used as a basic reference area. Content discussed in this area will be broad information on various subjects to help you understand a particular topic or question. It is not intended to be used as legal counsel but as a helpful reference so that you may gain some insight into particular areas of the law.

Latest Articles

Should You Lend Your Car?,   Automobile Accidents   Leave a Comment

If you lend your car to someone who then is involved in an automobile accident, you may be held legally responsible for the damages that were caused by the driver to whom you loaned your car on one of two legal theories. The first legal theory is negligence entrustment. This involves allowing a person to  … Read more

Perils of Contractors Doing Home Improvement Work Without a Maryland Home Improvement License,   Collections, Construction   Leave a Comment

On October 6, 2015, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland released its opinion in Glen Valley Builders, LLC v. James Whang, et al. In Glen Valley an LLC entered into a contract to improve a residence. The contract was guaranteed by the principal owner of Glen Valley. Disputes arose between Glen Valley and the  … Read more

Joint Bank Accounts May Not Be Attached Under Certain Circumstances if the Judgment Creditor Only Has a Judgment Against One of the Joint Tenants,   Collections   Leave a Comment

In an opinion released On October 1, 2015, the Court of Special Appeals in Morgan Stanley & Co., Inv. v. Andrews held that the mere fact that money was placed into a joint back account would not necessarily allow a judgment creditor of only one of the parties to successfully garnish the account. In Morgan  … Read more

One Year Waiting Time For Uncontested Divorce My be Waived Under Certain Circumstances Under New Law in Maryland Effective October 1, 2015,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Effective October 1, 2015, a Circuit Court in Maryland Court in Maryland may issue a judgment of absolute divorce on the grounds of mutual consent if the parties do not have minor children and the parties submit to the court a written settlement agreement which resolves all outstanding support and property issues signed by both  … Read more

Recently Passed Laws in the State of Maryland-2015,   Automobile Accidents, Family Law   Leave a Comment

There are numerous new laws that have already taken place or will take place effective October 1, 2015 in Maryland. These laws include the following: Marijuana Possession Decriminalization – The possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana will be a civil offense rather than a criminal offense. Civil penalties include $100.00 for a first  … Read more

Parentage Established After In Vitro Fertilization/Injunction from Harassment by Spouse/ Voluntary Impoverishment by Spouse,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

In an opinion released August 15, 2015, the Court of Appeals in Sieglein v. Schmidt held that a child conceived by artificial insemination during the course of the marriage when the husband consented to the procedure created a presumption of the legitimacy of the child and the obligation of both parents to support the child.  … Read more

Use of DNA Evidence,   Criminal Law   Leave a Comment

The use of DNA evidence is expanding. In a recent case George Varriale v. State of Maryland, the Court of Appeals opinion released on August 11, 2015 held that a person who voluntarily gave a DNA profile which was later found to implicate the Defendant in an earlier unrelated case was an appropriate use of  … Read more