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Welcome to our new attorney blog page. This area is intended to be used as a basic reference area. Content discussed in this area will be broad information on various subjects to help you understand a particular topic or question. It is not intended to be used as legal counsel but as a helpful reference so that you may gain some insight into particular areas of the law.

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Contractor Liability for Damage to Personal Property Within Structure Being Repaired,   Construction   Leave a Comment

The Court of Special Appeals on June 30, 2015 issued an opinion in Cash & Carry America, Inc. v. Roof Solutions, Inc. that addresses the issue of whether a contractor doing work on a residence is responsible for damage to personal property contained within the house on tort principals if the contractor was negligent. In  … Read more

The Maryland Construction Trust Statute,   Construction   Leave a Comment

The Maryland Construction Trust Fund Statute was revised by the Maryland legislature in 1995 which made some very significant changes in Maryland’s Construction Trust Statute. The Maryland Construction Trust Statute was first enacted by the Maryland legislature in 1987. It is found in the Maryland Real Property Article, Sections 9-201 through 9-204 of the Maryland  … Read more

What Kinds of Cases are Heard by a Magistrate,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Family law cases that involve child custody, visitation, child support or alimony, use and possession of the family home and the personal property in the home are generally initially heard by a Magistrate. The Magistrate also hears cases involving modification of child custody, visitation, child support or alimony and modifications to use and possession orders.  … Read more

Social Security Benefits for Ex-Spouses,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

If you are divorced, you may be able to get Social Security benefits on your ex-spouse’s account, even if your ex-spouse has re-married. In order to qualify, the marriage to your ex-spouse must have lasted ten years or longer. You must also be currently un-married and sixty two years of age or older with an  … Read more