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Welcome to our new attorney blog page. This area is intended to be used as a basic reference area. Content discussed in this area will be broad information on various subjects to help you understand a particular topic or question. It is not intended to be used as legal counsel but as a helpful reference so that you may gain some insight into particular areas of the law.

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Are Postings on Facebook Private?,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

People post all kinds of information on Facebook with the expectation that their postings are private because they are limited by the person posting the information to the privacy setting on Facebook. A recent appellate case in Florida demonstrates the fallacy of this belief. In Maria F. Leon Nucci v. Target Corporation, the Fourth District  … Read more

Use of Expert Witnesses in Complex Divorce Cases,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

In preparing for a complex divorce case one must consider the range of potential expert witnesses who may be required in order to prove your case. These expert witnesses include the following: Physicians. Many cases involve questions of medical conditions which may impede a person’s ability to work or a persons’s ability to earn an  … Read more

Indefinite Alimony Is Still Alive in Maryland,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Notwithstanding that Maryland the statutory scheme favors fixed term rehabilitative alimony rather than indefinite alimony, indefinite alimony is still alive in Maryland under certain circumstances. The recent case of Bryant v. Bryant, released by the Court of Special Appeals on October 30, 2014 demonstrates the viability of indefinite alimony under certain circumstances. InBryant the husband’s  … Read more

Alimony by Gender,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

The majority of alimony cases involving divorcing couples involve husbands paying alimony to their wives. A recent unreported case from the Court of Special Appeals Walter E. Buck v. Gabriel B. Buck demonstrates that a female with substantially more income and assets than her husband may be required to pay alimony. In Buck the Court  … Read more

Do You Need to Know Your Driving Privilege Has Been Suspended in Order to be Convicted of Driving While Suspended?,   Criminal Law   Leave a Comment

Frequently clients contact our office with regard to traffic offenses in which they have been charged with driving while suspended in which they contend that they did not know that their driving privilege was suspended. This may arise in a variety of contexts. One context is where the defendant failed to appear in Court for  … Read more

How is Child Support Calculated in Maryland?,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Child Support in Maryland is calculated based on a formula that is controlled by law in the state of Maryland. The calculation is based on the use of Child Support Guidelines. For parents whose combined income is $180,000.00 or less, the formula set forth in the statute that combines the income of the parties, also  … Read more