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Welcome to our new attorney blog page. This area is intended to be used as a basic reference area. Content discussed in this area will be broad information on various subjects to help you understand a particular topic or question. It is not intended to be used as legal counsel but as a helpful reference so that you may gain some insight into particular areas of the law.

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Keep Good Notes When Getting a Divorce,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

The statistics on divorce in the United States are a bit deceiving, but it does look like the divorce rate has been decreasing in recent years. (Here’s a state by state report from the Centers for Disease Control). Still, millions of Americans go through divorces every year, and if you are one of those, you  … Read more

Counseling in Separation and Divorce,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Going through a separation and a divorce is hard on everyone in a family. As lawyers, we can help you deal with the legal issues. Psychological and emotional issues require the assistance of specially trained individuals.  You should consider seeking help and support for yourself and your children. The National Family Resiliency Center, located in Columbia, has many group  … Read more

Domestic Violence – Shielding the Proceeding,   Family Law   Leave a Comment

Have you been involved in a domestic violence proceeding that was dismissed or denied by the court? If so, you may be eligible to have the information about the proceeding including all of the allegations removed from scrutiny by the public. Under certain circumstances, the records of the case can be sealed from public view.  … Read more