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Collections Law Attorney in Ellicott City, MD

The Law Firm of Fishbein & Fishbein, P.A. serves the needs of a wide variety of clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia in collecting debts that are owed to them. Due to problems created by the recession, the need to manage one’s cash flow is vitally important. Our firm understands these needs and we act aggressively on behalf of our clients to collect the money that is due to them. We represent a wide spectrum of the construction industry ranging from architects, engineers, materials suppliers, sub-contractors and general contractors. We also represent many small to medium size businesses in a number of industries to collect the debts that are owed to them. As our clients’ businesses expand, we are able to meet their increasing needs for legal services.

  • The scope of our representation includes all aspects of construction litigation, including the filing and the enforcing of mechanic’s lien claims; Miller Act and Little Miller Act claims
  • Debt collection in the District Courts and Circuit Courts in Maryland and the Superior Court in the District of Columbia
  • Debt related trial work involving payment and quality claims

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