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Clients coming to an attorney for a first visit to discuss a potential divorce are often confused as to what documents will be needed in their case. At a minimum your attorney will want to have the following documents:

  1. Any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.
  2. Copies of all e mails, texts and/or correspondence between the parties and all relevant e mails, texts and/or correspondence with third parties, i.e. paramours.
  3. Copies of report cards for minor children, copies of all relevant school documents, including evaluations and/or correspondence and/or notes from teachers.
  4. Documents relating to the mental and physical health of both parties.
  5. Documents relating to drug or alcohol issues.
  6. Current paystubs for both parties.
  7. Copies of all employment agreements.
  8. Copies of tax returns for at least the last three years.
  9. Copies of bank statements and/or credit card statements showing the payments
  10. Copies of all deeds to real estate and appraisals of the real estate.
  11. Copies of motor vehicle titles and lien certificates for automobiles, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and airplains.
  12. All current statements of bank accounts, bonds, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, annuities, securities accounts and all other forms of liquid accounts of the parties.
  13. All records of investments of the parties.
  14. All records relating to family owned businesses, including buy sell agreements, shareholder agreements, and valuations that have been performed of the business.
  15. Records of all real estate, limited and general partnerships.
  16. Current statements of all IRAs, 401Ks and pensions.
  17. Records of all life insurance.
  18. Records of all non-marital property of either party, i.e. property owned prior to the marriage, property acquired from a third party (not a spouse) or property acquired from an estate.
  19. All credit card and other outstanding bills.
  20. Records of all mortgages and/or liens on assets.
  21. Phone bills indicating calls with a paramour.

The providing of the documents in an organized fashion will greatly assist your attorney and undoubtedly lessen your attorney’s fees that will need to be expended in order to obtain documents.

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