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Rear-End Automobile Accidents May Not Be As Simple As They Seem,   Automobile Accidents   Leave a Comment

Rear-end automobile accidents may not be as simple as they seem. In most cases where a driver strikes another driver from the rear the liability for the rear-end accident is clear. However in a recent case reported by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals filed June 26, 2014 in Glen Cooper v. Richard Singleton, the Court of Special Appeals upheld a trial judge who refused to instruct the jury that when the rear driver experienced a sudden loss of consciousness that the front driver was still required to prove negligence on the part of the rear driver. In the Cooper case the jury ultimately found that the rear-end driver had persuaded them that his sudden illness convinced them that the rear driver was not negligent. In the event you are involved in a rear-end accident or you are the victim, you should immediately speak to the rear-end driver to ascertain his or her state of mind and determine if and in fact they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Your failure to do so could lead to a similar result as in Cooper v. Singleton.

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